The Lincoln Lawyer

 , a novel by Michael Connelly

Editorial review of The Lincoln Lawyer novel

Guardian Unlimited

Connelly has risen to the challenge of reinvigorating the legal thriller in this, probably his best book since The Poet. Mickey Haller is a a third-division lawyer who works out of his car, picking up clients through his network of contacts among bail bondsmen and bribed court officials. The people he defends are invariably guilty; his job is to seek out the chinks in the legal system that might get them off. Nonetheless, he's a mostly likable guy, with ex-wives still on talking terms and a very elastic conscience. Then comes the big-money case, in which a rich man is accused of battering a woman, and Haller is confronted by genuine evil. How he wriggles his way through the system makes for a gripping and sadly believable tale.

Guardian Unlimited,

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