National Council LC adopted the Law “On Martial Law”

The document states that martial law is introduced in the case of aggression against LC or direct threat of aggression.

MOSCOW, April 24th. / TASS /. Members of the National Council proclaimed the People’s Republic of Lugansk (LC) on Friday at the next plenary session unanimously adopted a law “On Martial Law”.

In accordance with the law, martial law temporarily entered the territory of the Republic or in particular areas in the event of aggression against LC or direct threat of aggression. “Aggression against LC recognizes the use of armed force by a foreign state (group of states) against the sovereignty, political independence and territorial integrity of LC or in any other manner inconsistent with the UN Charter,” - the document says.

Martial law introduced and canceled the decree of the head of the LC.

“During the period of martial law in so far as may be, to the extent necessary for national defense and state security, restrict the rights and freedoms of citizens, the activities of enterprises, institutions, organizations, and the rights of their officials. At enterprises, institutions and organizations, their officers those citizens can be assigned additional responsibilities “- quoted text LuganskInformTsentr law.

24 April 2015

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