Firtash in the court of Vienna refused voluntary extradition to the US

“No, I think that this is a political motivation,” - said the Ukrainian oligarch.

VIENNA, April 30. / Correspondent. TASS Mikhail Shcherbakov /. Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash said during his trial for extradition to the United States, which rejects it on a voluntary basis. It is reported by a correspondent. TASS reported from the courtroom.

“No, I think that this is a political motivation,” - he said, reports the words of his defense to present its case further.

In turn, the judge described the progress of the case, noted that the original request for the arrest Firtash by US authorities was received in November 2013. However, it was canceled after a few days, as the US government informed in late 2013. Then, 27 February, 2014, he entered a new request for the same content, and on 12 March the order was issued for the arrest, which was produced by police in Vienna on the same day. After bail on March 21, he was released on bail.

Regarding the charge brought by the US authorities, the judge said that “Firtash group was interested in the development of titanium deposits in India.” “It is necessary to obtain a license, and in the course of this procedure Firtash and his subordinates bribed officials”, - he said, adding that bribes were spent around 19 million euros.

According to the judge, the US side has requested additional information. Including that was the reason for the revocation request in November 2013. Vienna Court also asked the American law enforcement agencies to provide access to the statements of two anonymous witnesses, on whose testimony was largely based charges, but did not receive full explanations.

Firtash lawyer, citing the US charges were politically motivated, said that he was “global entrepreneur” since 2004 is active in the gas market of Ukraine, and since 2006 has expanded its presence in the global titanium market. In addition, according to the defense, during the election campaign in Ukraine in 2010 is not supported Firtash Yulia Tymoshenko and Viktor Yanukovych. “Titanium case became a pretext,” - he concluded.

30 April 2015

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