Fifth Column, and corruption - not twins whether they were brothers?

What is the relationship between our fifth column and corrupti[t:tag slug=korrupciya]corruption? It seems to be no - and even gentlemen branded traitors in full power corrupt masters. But in fact, the most direct connection. Corruption today we have covered 99 percent of the active population - that is, having the slightest opportunity to give or take. I almost said, 100 - but it is necessary to leave at least one percent of hope! Here writes knowledgeably in its online magazine, former top manager of the largest construction companies: “They took everything, one such opportunity was” …

2 May 2015

Firtash in the court of Vienna refused voluntary extradition to the US
Who is responsible for violation of the oath?

• "Putin said. Corruption »»»
Russian opposition politicians submitted a report, “Putin said. Corruption”, telling about the theft of Russian power.
• 60% of Russians believe that after Putin came to power, corruption and abuse in the nation's increased »»»
60% of Russians believe that after coming to power of Vladimir Putin in Russia has increased corruption and abuse among the highest political circles.
• At the head office of Russia's largest bookseller "Top-kniga" were searched. »»»
The searches took place March 19 at the head office of the largest book-selling companies of Russia “Top-book” in Novosibirsk.
• Kudrin, the leader in number of mentions in the media in the context of corruption »»»
Alexei Kudrin, has become an absolute leader of the rating of Ministers referred to in connection with the theme of corruption.
• Ozon sued for book covers »»»
Biggest Russian internet-shop “Ozone” won in the court of an unusual case.