Moldova’s pro-Western government has caught the hand: the theft of 1 billion USD in three Moldovan banks and withdrawal of money through Latvia

Politicians in Chisinau succumbed to pressure of street protests and released a report from the US private investigators about corruption in the country’s leadership. According to experts, the authority of the ruling pro-Western coalition is now undermined. But the increased chances of the pro-Russian Party of Socialists won the elections a month mayor of Chisinau.

President of the Parliament of Moldova Adrian Candu published Tuesday secret report detectives Kroll (US) about the theft of $ 1 billion of the three Moldovan banks Banca de Economii, Banca Sociala and Unibank. Before that, all the country’s leadership, including himself Kandu, it refused to disclose, citing the ban detectives themselves.

According to a report from August 2012 to November 2014 Unibank, Banca Sociala and Banca de Economii “was a consistent target of the change of shareholders, which subsequently led to the transfer of ownership of banks number of individuals.”

Its authors argue that well-known businessman Ilan Shor (by the way, in Russia, he is known as the husband of singer Jasmine) and its partners “deeply involved in the scheme of theft of money from three banks.” The money from the banks in the form of loans were converted into dollars and euros, and then transferred to Privatbank in Riga in November last year (just before the elections to the Parliament of Moldova) to the accounts of offshore companies in Britain and Hong-Kong. The document stresses that the report may be disclosed only with the agreement with the agency.

Will issue a report, Adrian Candu fulfilled the main requirement mass meeting that Sunday in the center of Chisinau organized supporters of the Civic Platform, “Dignity and justice.” However, the demonstrators also demanded to return to Moldova stolen billion and lay off almost the entire leadership of the force and judicial - the Attorney General, the heads of the National Centre for the Fight against Corruption, Customs Service, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal of Chisinau, the Council for Protection of Competition.

The list of significant and demand real freedom of speech and press. “We demand that the government stop attacking government objectionable free media,” - said to “Interfax” the co-chairman of the Civic Platform Angela Arama. The other co-chair of the platform Dolganyuk Valentin said that “the current government in Moldova together with the” civilized opposition “continues to plunder the people, ignoring its legitimate demands.”

6 May 2015

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