ONF: regions perform slowly presidential decree on housing for the poor

Ksperty Russian People’s Front (ONF) believe that the regional government “very slowly” execute “the May decree,” the Russian president for affordable housing low-income people, said on Friday the press service of the motion.
“Experts note ONF, currently regional authorities are not actively engaged in projects to build affordable rental housing market,” - said in a statement.
“Set by the President, the leader of ONF Vladimir Putin in” the May decree, “the task of ensuring affordable housing for people with low income is very slow. The construction of the so-called wage-houses, as well as other housing slowed down due to changes in the economic situation,” - said a member of the Central staff ONF Valery Fadeyev, quoted by the press service of the movement.
“In our view, it would be logical if the government has considered various options for execution of the order to the President, including such as the allocation of funds for the payment of the lease payments socially vulnerable citizens,” - said Fadeev.
He also noted that in the Russian Federation “is not well developed civilized market rental housing, so you need to make an effort to form such a market with clear rules of operation.”
On the need to ensure the formation of affordable rental housing and development of non-profit housing for people with low incomes, according to one of the “May decrees” Russian President Vladimir Putin. Government, together with the executive bodies of subjects were instructed to perform this task until December 2013, reminded the press service of the Front.

8 May 2015

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