The court issued a guilty verdict against the man who tried to bribe the police for failure to maintain a record of the administrative offense and use violence not dangerous to life and health in relation to police

Zadneprovsky District Court of Smolensk handed down the verdict in the criminal case against 48-year-old resident of Glinka district of the Smolensk region Sergey Andrianov. He was found guilty of committing crimes under Part. 3 tbsp. 30 - h. 3 tablespoons. 291 of the Criminal Code (attempt to bribe an official person for the commission of deliberately illegal inaction) and h. 1, Art. 318 of the Criminal Code (use of violence not dangerous to life and health against a representative of authority in connection with the performance of his duties).
The court found that in March 2015 a man was intoxicated in the building of a suburban railway station station Smolensk, insulting his view of human dignity and public morals. Due to the fact that their actions Andrianov committed an administrative offense[[t:tag slug=prestuplenie]offense under Art. 20.21 of the Administrative Code, traffic police officer, he was asked to go to the duty of drawing in relation to a protocol on administrative offense.
The offender decided to avoid administrative responsibility by offering the employee traffic police 600 rubles. for a failure to respect him in the protocol on administrative offense.
Police refused to take the money offered to him and reported the attempted bribe to his leadership. At this point the perpetrator, knowing that before it is representative of the authorities - the police officer, struck a blow with his fist in the neck and chest several times in the police than caused him acute physical pain.
The court, taking into account the position of the public prosecutor - the representative of the Smolensk transport prosecutor, the defendant and the data remorse about his identity, appointed Andrianov for committing two crimes punishable by a fine of 30 thousand. Rub.
The court’s verdict in force did not come.

12 May 2015

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