Yekaterinburg Court overturned the decision on blocking Bitcoin sites

15 May 2015. held its second and final meeting of the Sverdlovsk Regional Court on appeal to invalidate the decision of the City Court Nevyansk about blocking sites with information about cryptocurrency and recognition that information gap in the Russian Federation.
Recall that from 13.01.2015 Roskomnadzor has blocked access to seven sites on the basis of the decision of the City Court Nevyansk that these sites contain information, the dissemination of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation. 01/26/2015 from sites and have been applied to restore the deadline to appeal, and the appeals themselves.
The court upheld the complaints, and April 24, 2015 the Regional Court of Yekaterinburg, the first meeting. It prosecutors filed a motion for dismissal of the appeal on the grounds that the prosecution did not require the blocking of access to resources and information required to recognize not only be disseminated. representative said that blocking the site is a direct consequence of the recognition of the information posted on the site are not to be distributed, respectively, and is an interested party and may challenge the decision of the court. As a result of discussions the court refused the prosecutor in the dismissal of the complaint and decided to hear the case on the rules of the Court of First Instance.
During the second meeting of the prosecutor filed a motion to waive their claims to those resources, which appealed against the decision. At the same time the remaining resources, according to prosecutors, were to remain locked.
Representatives of resources and voiced arguments appeal and insisted on cancellation of the decision in its entirety.
As a result of the case the panel of judges decided to cancel the decision Nevyansk City Court. Thus, the lock on the resource cryptocurrency in January 2015 declared illegal. Full text of the court decision will be made within 5 days. At the moment, there is only an audio recording of the hearing.
In essence this means cancellation of the decision about what information cryptocurrency, particularly Bitcoin, is information whose dissemination in the Russian Federation is prohibited.

16 May 2015

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