Kernes evacuated from the courtroom in Poltava because of the threat of attack

Security trial noticed one of the protesters, who gathered under the building weapons.

KIEV, May 18. / TASS /. Mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes evacuated from the hall Poltava Court in connection with the threat of attack.

The Court had to consider the case against him about the kidnapping of activists “Maidan” and abusing them.

“One of the defenders Kernes said that this is due to the fact that the protection of the court saw one of the protesters, who gathered under the building, weapons,” - said Radio Liberty.

Kiev District Court of Poltava on April 24 have endured the trial of Gennady Kernes on May 18 in the absence of the defendant.

The accusations against the mayor of Kharkiv

In March last year against the mayor of Kharkiv was charged with false imprisonment, torture and death threats.

Pechersk District Court of Kiev then partially restricted his freedom of movement.

However, in April 2014 after the assassination and seriously wounded Kernes court changed the measure of restraint, so that he could go to Israel for treatment.

In late July, the pre-trial investigation was suspended.

Court in Kharkiv on March 31 this year, once again took up the case of the mayor.

18 May 2015

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