Moscow Region farmers drove head of the village and introduced its own currency

The prosecutor’s office has seen the creation and use of “kolionov” threat to economic security and asked the court Egoryevsky court.

Egoryevsky Court of Moscow region took to the production of the Moscow region prosecutor’s office sued the farmer Mikhail Shlyapnikov. The first meeting is scheduled for June 3. A farmer from the village Kolionovo Yegoryevsky area in 2014 ordered 20 thousand banknotes of its own currency, which he called “kolionomi.” The course he set the currency at a fixed level - 1 “kolion” for 50 rubles. They have it paid the villagers and providers, leaving the possibility to exchange for rubles koliony on demand. In particular, Mikhail Shlyapnikov set price list: a dozen eggs sold in the village for two “koliona”, asked for a bucket of potatoes, five units of currency.

- “Koliony” - a tool for good deeds. If there were no “kolionov”, I have and the salary was lower, and I could not do charity. So, I sent 15 thousand collectors per pack “kolionov”, although they are not worth, but we were able in the village to fix something, buy something, - says Mikhail Shlyapnikov farmer.

Due to the introduction and use of its currency outside Moscow prosecutor’s office appealed to the court to see the violation of economic security.

- The representative of the supervisory authority insists on the illegality of the use of such units, and requests to ban the practice - told LifeNews deputy head of the press service of the Moscow Regional Igumnova Ekaterina.

The prosecutor’s office declined to comment. Prior to the introduction of its own currency Mikhail Shlyapnikov had famously using the inhabitants expelled the head of the village administration Kolionovo and introduced local self-government.

19 May 2015

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