The court overturned the life sentences gang members “maritime guerrillas”

Russia’s Supreme Court overturned the life sentences gang members “maritime guerrillas” and directed to review some of the episodes of this high profile case
According to the court sentences commuted the ringleader of the gang Alexander Kovtun and his two accomplices, Vladimir and Alexei Nikitin Ilyutikovu, which in April 2014 Primorsky regional court sentenced to life imprisonment. In accordance with the new version of the sentence, Kovtun will spend 25 years in prison, and Ilyutikovu - 24 years. The verdict against Nikitin reviewed, the agency TASS.

To commute the sentences and the other members of the gang: Roman Savchenko from 25 to 24 years in prison, and Maxim Kirillov - from 22 to 19 years in prison.

It is also intended to revise the previously unsatisfied claims of victims in the amount of 10 million rubles.

On the review of the episode was directed by which gang members accused of killing four people. The matter will be discussed again, as long as this part of the sentence be canceled.

Immediately after the initial sentence suspects lawyers argued that the court has made “unnecessarily rigorous” decision and vowed to appeal.

Number of members of the gang were tried on 23 counts. It was about the murders, robberies, armed assaults.

21 May 2015

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• Charged with "maritime guerrillas" »»»
SC Code investigative agencies of the Primorsky completed the investigation of criminal case against Alexander Kovtun Kovtun Vadim.
• Former Chief UBOP with ATC in the Astrakhan region was sentenced to life imprisonment »»»
In Astrakhan, convicted gang members under the leadership of former chief of the regional department for combating organized crime (UBOP) Rinat Salekhova.
• In the Chelyabinsk region condemned participant MMM-2011, who stole 3.4 million rubles »»»
Court of the city of Magnitogorsk, Chelyabinsk region convicted participating financial pyramids Bulakh Elena, kidnapped from investors about 3.
• The court sentenced the former mayor of Tula to seven years in prison for embezzlement of 30 million rubles »»»
Alexander Prokopuk also obliged to pay a fine of 1
• Accusé d '"guérilleros" maritimes »»»
SC agences du Code d’enquête de la Primorsky terminé l’enquête de l’affaire pénale contre Alexandre Kovtun Vadim Kovtun, romaine Savchenko, Maxim Kirillov, Vladimir Ilyutikova, Alexei Nikitine.