New regulations should not prevent the embezzlement of budgetary funds in public procurement

The Russian government approved two resolutions, which should increase the efficiency of public procurement and to prevent misappropriation of budgetary funds, reported May 22 at the site of the Cabinet.
Approved by the procedural requirements for the development and adoption of legal acts on standardization of procurement for federal needs and general requirements for the procedure of elaboration and adoption of legal acts of the normalization of procurement.
In particular, “the purpose of public oversight authorities should post drafts of legal acts for public comment in the unified information system procurement for at least seven days.” Projects of normative legal acts of the executive authorities of all levels and local authorities “are subject to mandatory preliminary discussion at the meetings of public councils under the public authorities, the governing bodies of the state budget funds, municipal authorities.”
Decisions “are aimed at preventing the procurement of goods, works and services with excessive consumer properties, which will increase the efficiency of public procurement and to prevent misappropriation of budgetary funds”.
The decision comes into force from January 1, 2016.

22 May 2015

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