Corruption in the EU “amazing”

The European Commission argues that the scope of corruption in all 28 countries of the European Union “amazing” and cost the EU economy an annual 120 billion euros.
In anticipation of an official report on this subject, the European Commissioner for the internal politics Cecilia Maelstrom published an article in the Swedish newspaper Goeteborgs-Posten, in which it warned that corruption undermines confidence in democratic institutions, deprive the legal economy of financial resources and helps to organized crime.
In the first such report, the Commission stated that four of the 10 surveyed businessmen said that corruption is a serious impediment to the development of business in Europe.
Introducing the report, Cecilia Maelstrom said that if you listen to the political debate in the different countries of the European Union, it would appear that corruption is a problem in other countries that receive a bribe politicians, businessmen and officials only somewhere abroad.
In fact, this is a problem throughout the European Union, said the European Commissioner. According to her, corruption affects all countries of the EU, but in different countries takes different forms.

23 May 2015

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• In the Netherlands, on the eve of the referendum will show the series of Ukrainian corruption »»»
Western media continue to show the essence of the Ukrainian
• Media: the State Duma proposed to deprive rights of corrupt parole and amnesty »»»
The number of people who may lose these rights should enter those convicted of corruption on a large scale.
• The European Commission filed on Greece to court for arrears of taxes »»»
The European Commission has filed a lawsuit against Greece for public assistance in the form of “tax holidays” to some sectors of the economy.
• The Chinese authorities will monitor the departure of corrupt officials abroad, so they do not run away »»»
The Chinese authorities will consider in detail the application to go abroad officials suspected of corruption, as well as closely monitor their financial transfers.
• Khodorkovsky: The biggest threat to peace is corruption, but not nuclear weapons ("The Washington Post", USA) »»»
Strengthening the corruption forces me to make one inescapable conclusion.