In the State Duma a bill on the use of networks to alert the public about emergencies

The Russian government has submitted to the State Duma a bill on the use of resources of networks of communication for promptly informing the public about emergency situations, according to the website of the Cabinet. He “will strengthen the targeting of alert, reduce time taken to emergency information in the emergency area, increase the area of ​​dissemination of warning signals by means of telecommunications networks and infrastructure operators.”
According to the document, telecom operators are obliged “if technically feasible to provide the relevant authorities and organizations responsible for the operation of the system of alert for population, its objects of engineering infrastructure to host and connect devices warning systems and communicating alarms and emergency information.”
“On how quickly people learn of the threat depends on their salvation. Here every minute counts,” - said Dmitry Medvedev on May 28 at a government meeting to discuss the document. “The bill provides for the creation of new ways to communicate and inform the people about the danger through the means of communication and the media, - the prime minister said. - It establishes the obligation for operators to transfer users to alarms and emergency information as soon as possible.”

5 June 2015

Poroshenko: Ukraine avoid default
USC is going to court to demand from Ukraine’s fulfillment of obligations to supply engines for frigates

• Russia will oblige ISPs to provide authorities information about users »»»
Operators of Internet service providers operating in Russia's network segment, Obliged to provide law enforcement authorities information about users.
• The Federal Communications Commission has approved a law on "network neutrality", obliging service providers to provide access to all resources of the Internet on an equal footing »»»
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has adopted a decision that largely will determine the further development of the Internet: on Tuesday.
• The amount of data that will have to keep operators on "Law Spring", was estimated at 157 billion GB »»»
At the end of last week, the State Duma in the first reading passed a package of anti-terrorism laws resonant made chairman of the Duma's security committee.
• The new fashion spread to Britain: users file-sharing networks will be denied access to the network »»»
The British government intends to maximize wean users from the illegal use of file-sharing networks.
• Ministry of Industry issued a draft law "On the Calculation of Time", which recorded the truisms like the one that "minute contains 60 seconds." Price question -18000000 rubles »»»
Ministry of Industry issued a draft law “On the Calculation of Time”.