USC is going to court to demand from Ukraine’s fulfillment of obligations to supply engines for frigates

Moscow. June 8. Interfax-AVN - United Shipbuilding Corporation intends to demand from the Ukrainian side has paid the execution of contracts for the supply of gas turbine engines in court, according to the corporation.
“As you know, the political leadership of Ukraine to unilaterally terminate any relationship in the field of military-technical cooperation, and stopped shipping products to the Russian companies. The work of the United Shipbuilding Corporation shipyards such unfair actions of neighboring states caused temporary difficulties associated with the equipment built frigates of Project 11356 and 22350 turbine engines (GTE), “- the company said on its website on Monday.
The corporation said that at the end of 2017 - early 2018 “Saturn” will begin delivery of gas turbine engines for the Russian Navy. Transfer Navy frigate with plants issued under the import substitution, scheduled for early 2020, will inform the USC.
It clarifies the USC, the first three patrol ships ave. 11356, and the first two ships so on. 22350 is already equipped with a turbine engine of Ukrainian origin. Subsequent frigates of both projects will be equipped with Russian-made power plants with characteristics superior Ukrainian counterparts.

8 June 2015

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