In Egypt, 11 football fans were sentenced to death

The Criminal Court of the Egyptian city of Port Said passed a death sentence against 11 people on charges of rioting in the stadium after a football match between the clubs, “Al-Ahly” and “Al-Masri” in February 2012. Reported by Belfast Telegraph.

Another 15 people were sentenced to imprisonment for a term of five to 15 years. Relatives of the defendants were not allowed into the courtroom, they were expecting the court’s decision in the street.

The Court held its final meeting on the revision of the charges against the 73 defendants in the case. Among the accused were members of the fan club and the administration, “al-Masri”, as well as the police.
In March 2013 the Egyptian Court of First Instance approved the death sentence in the case against 21 accused. Five more people received various prison terms. The remaining defendants, including former police officers of Port Said, were acquitted. The first sentence of the court caused massive clashes with the police in Port Said, and in February 2014 the Court of Appeal ordered a new trial.

The incident took place in a football stadium in Port Said in February 2012. Then, the fans ran onto the field and began to beat players of Cairo club “Al-Ahly” lost command “al-Masri.” As a result, a mass brawl and subsequent stampede killed 74 fans from Cairo, more than a thousand fans were injured.

9 June 2015

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