In Moscow, will go on trial 20-year-old collector, death threats to the debtor and his wife

A man charged with attempted arbitrariness with the threat of violence.

MOSCOW, June 11. / TASS /. The Prosecutor’s Office of the Western Administrative District of Moscow has sent the court a criminal case against a collector who threatened violence to the debtor and his wife. Told Tass in the capital prosecution, the employee organization of collection - 20-year-old college student Vitaly Zalkin charged with attempted arbitrariness of the threat of violence.

According to the investigation, from January to March 2015 Zalkin, being an employee of the department collection collector organization, going beyond the authority of the agent, the man demanded payment of the debt of 700 thousand rubles for the contract execution. “In this case, at the time of submission of claims dispute between citizens on the amount of work performed and the costs incurred discussed in court - said the prosecutor’s office. - The actions Zalkin accompanied by repeated calls and threats of physical violence as a debtor, and his wife.”

March 11 upon receipt of the required amount for the operational activities Zalkin was arrested. The criminal case was sent to court Dorogomilovskiy Moscow.

11 June 2015

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