“Night Wolves” are suing the Polish border guards

Representatives of national motor club “Night Wolves” filed in the Polish capital in the court of the republic border police, who refused them entry into the country during the rally dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory. This was reported by the Polish Press Agency.

It clarifies TASS, “Night Wolves” require that a Polish court found the actions of border guards disenfranchised require to cancel printing of passports to ban entry visa to recover and return spent in connection with the failed motocross cash.

“Not everything went only to Berlin. There were paid the hotel. Someone went to Italy and Spain. There has also been paid reservation, - said one of the organizers of the run Sergey Ukhta. - We also asked non-pecuniary damage. If our complaint is rejected, we will appeal to the Court of Appeal. If this does not work, we go to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. ”

According to Polish media, the claim on behalf of the Russian motorcyclists filed in the court of the Polish lawyers, who were hired by “Night Wolves”.

18 June 2015

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Lobbying in the European Parliament: And to whom else are you working on? (”Der Spiegel”, Germany)

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