The National Security Act adopted in China

The new law refers to the protection of national interests of China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, prevention and suppression of “subversive and separatist activities“, as well as Internet security.

BEIJING, July 1 - RIA Novosti. The supreme legislative body of China on Wednesday approved a law on national security, which is designed to protect the “fundamental interests” of the people and allows the state to “take all measures” to ensure the territorial integrity and national interests.

The National Security Act was passed on Wednesday at a meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, which takes place every two months.

The new law, which has 83 articles, said to protect China’s national interests, protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity, prevention and suppression of “subversive and separatist activities,” foreign forces on the territory of China, the fight against terrorism, the prevention of divulging state secrets, and other activities pose a threat to national security.
In the 70th article of the law stipulates that the state will “take all necessary measures of defense and supervisory measures to protect the security on land, air and sea, protect the territorial integrity and protect the interests of the sea.”

The law also has a separate article on securing the Internet, which is a concern for foreign companies. This point of law implies “increasing opportunities for Internet security and information security”, as well as provides for the protection of state sovereignty in cyberspace.

“Internet security also means protecting the national interests of our country”, - he said at a press conference the deputy head of the legislative committee of the NPC Standing Committee Cheng Shun, commenting on the relevant paragraph of the law.

However, she stressed that China is ready “to deepen cooperation with all countries for the establishment of multilateral, transparent management of the Internet. She also added that China pursues a policy of openness and” welcomes the activities of foreign companies in China, which will provide legal services. “

1 July 2015

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