According to the leader of China, Xi Jinping, the CPC and the Chinese over the threatened destruction

As stated in the report of Xi Jinping, China’s Communist Party has lost its ideas and goals, the officials of different levels and party functionaries forget about work and live in luxury, show carelessness, laziness, internally corrupted and trade posts, including sexual services. Naturally, all this is only hatred for the Party and the State on the part of ordinary citizens. According to Xi Jinping, over 90% of the grass-roots party organizations disoriented, do not conduct normal operation and must be reformed. “We need to look boldly into the eyes of the harsh reality, to recognize and accept the fact that the party has degenerated to such a degree that the party in danger of collapse and death of the state”, - concluded the leader of China.

7 July 2015

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• One of the most influential leaders of the former Communist Party of China has been sentenced to 18 years »»»
Former leader of the Communist organization in Shanghai, Chen Lyanyuy was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 18 years for bribery and abuse of office.
• China would force officials to declare not only incomes, but also property and jobs of family members »»»
The Chinese authorities will oblige their officials to disclose information on property belonging to them and their families, as well as place of work members of their families.
• Chinese President Xi Jinping threatens poobrubat corrupt "dirty hands" »»»
General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, Chairman of the
• The Chinese Communists have adopted a new moral code to fight corruption »»»
The Chinese Communists have adopted a new moral code. Of 52 points, primarily aimed at combating corruption, which is a serious problem in China.
• Shadow the proceeds of corruption in China is 30% of the economy »»»
Shadow income of Chinese households are comparable with 30% of the economy, the study found The China Reform Foundation, commissioned by Credit Suisse.