Smoke over the forest of Chernobyl: chop wood - isotopes fly

Ukrainian experts in the field of fire monitoring and Ecology told the studio “GolosUA” that one of the main factors of fires in the Chernobyl zone remains arson, designed to conceal the illegal felling of trees. At the same time, they noted that in the exclusion zone there are traces of fresh cuttings - 2015. However, some of them come directly to the burnt forest.

Officials calm, environmentalists are sounding the alarm

Head of the Ukrainian Ecological League Tatiana Timochko criticized the soothing tone of departments, assuming that they want to hide from the public their own and other countries, the threat that have a fire in the Chernobyl zone. “Indeed, since April 28, a fire occurred in the Chernobyl zone, and on the other site, and a huge area of ​​the forest then burned. For a long time we have reassured by the fact that the fire has stopped, it is localized, but the fire continued for about two weeks. Then there were some locations in other areas, and only then - June 29 - the fire started on the territory forest “Chornobyl Forest”, which covered 130 hectares. But just a week later we started to calm down - yes, six localized lesions, and for some reason called the area 27 ha: 130 and 27 - are two different numbers. Perhaps they meant the individual locations of the fire. And all this for us, ecologists, is a serious problem, because we understand that this is an unusual area, “- she said.

According to her, for over 30 years, the radionuclides have fallen and are in the ground and the ground fire - it is “lit when vegetation burns when the root system,” so precisely because of the ground fire, “the top layer of soil and burn, the lower layer is heated and of the radionuclides still enters the natural environment. ” In addition, as a result of this fire formed ashes smoldering layer and part of the “passes in aerosols,” and “it all together with atmospheric masses of wind rose extends far beyond the boundaries of the territory, it is - a direct threat not only to this area.”

“Soothing communiques officials and the Ministry of Environment of the State Service for Emergency Situations have not consoled, because we have some evidence that this is not true,” - said Timochko. “We watched it during a fire at the tank farm when Sanitary inspection calmed people that there is no contamination of water, because the amount of nitrate and water hardness is normal. But if you’re asking about oil pollution - on benzoic group, and then the stiffness and nitrates to what is burning oil depot? ” - I gave the example of an expert. “We took these samples is in close to the oil depot smoke mixture over the course of the loop and in the days of the fire, and then another 10 days - at a distance of 2, 3, 10 km. So I can tell you that this loop has a huge excess OK - we’ll talk about it at a press conference on July 14, our laboratory will produce results, but I just want to draw your attention, “- he said Timochko perturbed” irresponsible, pre

10 July 2015

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