Investigative Committee against judges: 4: 0

Crushing score of the match ended in a kind of the Investigative Committee and the Judges in respect of which it is planned prosecutions. Solutions VKKS were not in favor of the two chairmen of the courts who commit traffic accidents with serious health consequences, the judge cashed housing certificate in foggy conditions, and a magistrate who own restore accidentally burned the case.

Yesterday, before dinner Higher Qualification Collegium of judges had to consider four complaints from representatives of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation and the judges themselves. All they asked for the decision to cancel the CCR entities of consent or refusal to initiate criminal proceedings against members of the judiciary. Armchair chairman Nicholas VKKS Timoshina in the morning was empty, the meeting led by his deputy, Alexander Failures, chairman of the 3rd District Military Court.

Why did the judge buys a house by the Ministry of Interior?

In March 2009, a judge of the Malgobek City Court Koresh Kokurhoev asked the housing commission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Ingushetia, a certificate for 2.8 million rubles. to buy their own housing under the federal program “Housing”. Prior to obtaining the status of judges in 2004 Kokurhoev ‘23 worked in the police, and therefore consider it possible to issue the certificate of the housing through the Ministry of the Interior. In 2009, the judge concluded the contract with the citizen Mirzhoevoy about buying a home in Nazran, and the Savings Bank transferred the money to her certificate. Then Mirzhoeva sales contract terminated, and received by him Kokurhoevu funds transferred in cash. In December 2010, he bought a house near the Beks, though paid for a different amount, the amount of which was not specified. Vehicles registered in himself, and his wife. The investigation alleges that in this house lived a family judge since 2004 or 2005, at the same time and was actually accomplished his purchase and therefore involves manipulation of cashing housing certificate.

The possibility of a criminal case against KKS Kokurhoeva Ingushetia started to consider March 13, 2015, but because of the need to study the seven volumes of documents from the investigative committee, the meeting was adjourned. Second of April kvalifkollegiya decided that a criminal case under part. 4 Art. 159.2 of the Criminal Code (fraud in obtaining payments on a large scale, the maximum sentence to 10 years’ imprisonment) against a judge can not be instituted. Head of SU RF IC in Ingushetia Mogushkov Ibrahim appealed to the VKKS.

The representative of the Union of Russian Ruslan Murgustov, voicing the arguments of the complaint, said that on March 13 was a commission for an opinion on the merits, but on April 2 the results of its work were not discussed. Also took part in the vote, three members of the CCR Ingushetia, who did not participate in the first meeting and, therefore, are not familiar with all the circumstances

18 July 2015

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