Fighting corruption in China hit the global market of luxury

Sales of luxury goods fell by 9% in the first quarter of fiscal year 2015 due to the unfolding in China, the fight against corruption.

In recent years, sales of expensive brands of whiskey and ekstradorogih bags and accessories grew largely due to the Chinese customers. However, the head of government of China Xi Tszinpin launched a massive war against corruption, in which the imprisoned members were senior party officials. Experts believe that this was the main reason for the decline in sales of luxury goods.

21 July 2015

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• The Chinese Communists have adopted a new moral code to fight corruption »»»
The Chinese Communists have adopted a new moral code. Of 52 points, primarily aimed at combating corruption, which is a serious problem in China.
• China is fighting against corruption. Russia mimics (Chinese methods of dealing with corrupt officials, we do not apply, they have no use) »»»
The Russian government tightens control over state-owned companies and the bureaucracy, or convincingly portrays a tightening.
• The main hope of Russia - it is our brains. Once we slowed down, China will devour us »»»
In Russia, a much more skilled workforce than in China, and thus relatively cheap.
• In China, corrupt officials sell at auction »»»
Unlike Russia, where corruption fight only with the words "ay-ay-ay.
• Head of Customs has received a suspended sentence for causing damage at 860 million rubles »»»
In Primorye, to three years and two months’ imprisonment suspended sentenced the former head of the customs post “Sea port of Nakhodka Sergey Panin.