Argentine Court forbade holding prayer and other religious activities are practiced in public schools

This was confirmed by a judge of the Argentine province of Salta Marcelo Dominguez. The court decided on the basis of the statement of atheist parents whose children had to recite prayers with the children of Catholic families.

In turn, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Salta Dante Bernanke spoke out against such a decision, explaining that public school children should have the right to religious education. And, as some parents do not mind their children to study religion in school, they are not able to give them in private religious schools because of paid and quite expensive education there

25 July 2015

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• Sexennial boy accused of sexually assaulting a classmate. The parents sued and sued $ 180 thousand »»»
In 2006, one of the initial first-grader in Brokton, Mass., during a lesson touched under her clothes girl who sat in front.
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Moscow Department of Education has developed rules for admission of children in kindergartens.
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Schools Ulyanovsk introduced a new course “Fundamentals of Anti-Corruption”, in which the 6 th to 11 th grade children will talk about how the illegal use of official position.
• Medvedev has proposed a law on drug testing in schools »»»
Testing for early detection of drug should be based on federal legislation that regulates all aspects, said Russian President Dmitry Medvedev.
• For ridicule teachers impose criminal liability »»»
MPs want to protect school teachers from insults and ridicule, equating them in this regard to the authorities.