The Bundestag takes on Merkel to court because of the US NSA

Committee of the Bundestag, which controls the powers of the German intelligence service, is going to submit to the Constitutional Court a lawsuit against the German government of Angela Merkel. According to deputies, the Cabinet refused to give Parliament a list of objects, for which the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) conducted surveillance in Europe commissioned by the US National Security Agency. The list, which was conducted for illegal surveillance, featured tens of thousands of items to obtain information about Americans in Europe - IP-address, phone numbers, accounts in social networks and e-mail domains.

“The Commission has already hired lawyers”, - the TASS referring to the German press. As explained by the agency, if the surveillance at the request of the US NSA conducted without the knowledge of the parliamentary commission, then it is a violation of the German law on intelligence services. Although the act and provides BND greater powers - in particular, listen to telephone conversations and view e-mails - but cooperation with intelligence services of other countries may not be legal basis for intelligence activities.

According to Tass, the parliamentarians demanded that the Cabinet Merkel or pass a list of persons for whom, in violation of the law was carried out surveillance on the “request” of the Americans, or BND powers should be substantially reduced.

29 July 2015

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