Kiev will be judged in absentia deputy commander of the Baltic Fleet

Vice-admiral is accused of treason and desertion in the Russian troops.

In Ukraine, will be judged deputy commander of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Federation Sergey Eliseev, who previously was the first deputy commander of the Naval Forces of Ukraine. According to the press service of the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Vice-Admiral Yeliseyev suspected of treason and desertion. In February and March 2014, he changed the military oath and left the service for “promoting foreign occupation of the Crimea,” the ministry noted.

After that, the head entered the Russian Armed Forces and was appointed deputy commander of the Baltic Fleet. According to the press service, Yeliseyev promotes subversion against Ukraine.

In the near future Ukrainian military prosecutor’s office of the Southern region will start a special investigation and conviction of a suspect in absentia. For treason faces 10 to 15 years in prison, and for desertion - two to five years.

4 August 2015

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