In court in Odessa on the case of the May tragedy read eight of the twenty indictments

In the case of the events in the Greek area, the dock turned 20 - the exclusive representative of “antimaydana”, 10 of whom are in prison.

ODESSA, August 5. / TASS /. In Malinovsky District Court of Odessa, read out indictments against eight of the twenty defendants in the case of the May tragedy. The defendants in the criminal proceedings - the exclusive representative of “antimaydana”, which is charged with “work at the former leaders of Ukraine, organization of mass disorders, assault on a peaceful procession of fans using firearms, stones, incendiary.” The Court considers the first part of the May events, which occurred in the Greek area of ​​Odessa.

The indictment states that during the riots in the place six people were killed, another 16 were injured of varying severity. Since three of the victims, whose names are listed in the indictment were themselves activists “antimaydana”, it turns out that they killed themselves. The lawyers noted that the indictments are almost identical and do not contain references to the role in the events of a particular defendant.

The criminal case on the events in the Greek area, from November 2014, but for various reasons, hearings were repeatedly postponed. Protecting defendants repeatedly declared incompetence of the investigation, as well as wary of the judicial process. “Judges often ignore the requirements of the law”, - he told reporters the lawyer of one of the accused Cyril Shevchuk. In July, the activists’ antimaydana “demanded from the police to stop rioting that suit in court radicals from the” Right Sector “and the so-called” self-Maidan “. They burst into the building, beaten and abused family members and relatives of the accused and the victims, their lawyers. Because of these actions at the courthouse has been marked by fights, which had separate police.

5 August 2015

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