Yanukovych did not come in for questioning in Kiev and invited investigators to Rostov

Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych did not come for questioning at the Prosecutor General’s Office in Kiev because of the threat to his life, reports Tass.

“Yanukovych will not be present during the interrogation because of threats to his life and health. Personally, the client asked the Attorney General with a notarized statement in which he asked to start investigative actions with his participation, and insisted that they occurred or videoconference, or in order of arrival investigator at his place of residence “- said the lawyer, Vitaly Yanukovych Serdyuk.

According to the lawyer, he asked the investigator to Rostov-on-Don, where he always stays. When the ex-president will report to send an investigator in Russia, he is ready to tell your full address.

Earlier, Yanukovych called for questioning, scheduled for August 11. Himself former president agreed to testify in a videoconference.

Yanukovych accused of embezzlement, abuse in a large scale or an organized group.

11 August 2015

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