Former Commander of the Land Forces received 5 years in prison for taking bribes

Former Commander of the Land Forces of Russia Vladimir Chirkin sentenced to five years’ imprisonment in a penal colony. On deprivation of military rank and all state awards. The decision handed down on Friday the Moscow garrison military court. The general was found guilty of taking bribes in the amount of 20 thousand dollars, reports Tass.

Chirkin was taken into custody in the courtroom. The court also confiscated confiscated his money in the form of bribes in the amount of 450 thousand rubles. He also stripped of his military rank and all state awards.

The court found the evidence Chirkina his innocence insolvent. General Allegations denied witnesses and victims, as well as the results of operational and investigative activities.

During the debate, the prosecutor asked the court to Vladimir Chirkina guilty and sentenced him to 7.5 years in the form of imprisonment.

According to the prosecution, for a bribe of $ 20 thousand Chirkin promised to assist ex-servicemen of the Moscow Military District, Major General Vladimir stock Lopanova obtain due to him under the law apartment. Having the decision and exhausted all available means, Major was forced to go to the general conditions and its intermediaries. After receiving the money, Chirkin and mediators handed Major apartment, which is already home to the family of another officer. In the end, who served more than 20 years the major was forced to appeal to the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office.

14 August 2015

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As said yesterday source "b", close to the administration of President Vladimir Putin signed a decree N867 General Chirkina release from the post commander still December 2.