Yanukovych Lawyer: Business Event “Maidan” in February 2014 actually dropped

Protection appealed to the Prosecutor General’s Office with a request to give the public the opportunity to know what is happening in this case, and received a categorical refusal.

KIEV, August 27. / TASS /. The criminal case on the events in the “Independence” in February 2014 has virtually ceased.

Told lawyer passing on the case of ex-President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych Vitaliy Serdyuk.

“We are on the course of the year to carry out protection Yanukovych. And today there is a need to draw a line, tell us about what the case is in the Prosecutor General’s Office and a state of affairs”, - he said at a press konfenrentsii in Kiev.

In his words, “the most resonant - proceedings on” Maidan “.” Today, the de facto not under investigation on the events of February 2014. Protection appealed to the prosecutor’s office to give the public the opportunity to know what is happening in this case. From the Attorney General, we got a flat refusal “, - he said.

Serdyuk also noted that “in this case Interpol has refused to declare the wanted list of Yanukovych.”

The lawyer also said that “the next thing - it” Ukrtelecom “- an artificial substitute for the case of” Maidan “that emerged when it became clear that the case” Maidan “impossible.” “To date, protection of Yanukovich received two charges - in the case of” Independence “and in the case of” Ukrtelecom “. All the rest - about Mezhyhirya and others - received no protection,” - said Serdyuk.

The defense noted that “cases are heard without the presence of counsel, and the six times Yanukovych appealed to the judges, but no judge has agreed to hear his opinion.”

Serdyuk also noticed that the subpoena Yanukovych to send a non-existent address that is doing business even without informing the citizens, against whom they are instituted. In this regard, Serdyuk said that he would seek from the General Prosecutor of Ukraine Viktor Shokina “to ensure the arrival of the investigator to the address to Yanukovych, which we will give it to him, visited and conducted necessary investigations.”

27 August 2015

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