Drummer? Operation “Serdyukov” - the biggest geopolitical success of the Russia of the early twenty-first century.

First a little history.

1996. Operation “Jihad” - the storming of Grozny, the Chechen fighters troops in August, during which they took control of a large part of the city. Chechen units were attacked and captured by the other major cities of the republic - Argun and Gudermes. After that it was made shameful Khasavyurt agreements that ended the first Chechen war.

2008. The five-day war in which the Americans defeated trained and well-equipped army of Georgia. It is worth considering that the forces of the parties directly participated in the war, they were about equal in numbers and armaments (approximately 18-20 thousand soldiers on each side of the sides, in tanks and armored vehicles approximate equality). In aviation, the Russian Federation had serious superiority, but the fate of the war decided to land wax. A brilliant military victory without any reservations in record time. Israel to push the pedestal with their seven-day war, offended smoking in aside.

year 2014. Crimea is a part of Russia without firing a shot.

What has changed in the last century and where a new Russia has a great army, if we take the ground forces and air defense, the best in the world at this time (according to aviation and naval power - absolute second in the world).

At the turn of the millennium is not only lazy to bury Russia. Even when the arrival of a young Putin few people are encouraged - the chances of rescue were not any. I recall that in 2004, oil cost $ 24, but this is still cheaper! (Speak now bad? And then I remember there was euphoria when the barrel reached up to thirty!)

And worst of all things were in the army. Starvation wages in the nineties swept many professionals, the prestige of the service fell below the plinth. The pilots had plaque 5-10 hours per year, mastabnye exercises were not carried out for decades. The average age of military equipment close to 20 years, new technology do not purchase. Defense complex was breathing its last.

In the early 2000s, when Russia paid onerous debts resulting even during the Soviet Union as soon as the oil has come off from the plinth and slightly raised as soon as they put Hodor and pressed oligarchy and kontsesionerov in general as soon as the money - they let the army .

Until about 2005 went patching and plugging holes priority, to bring a little army in battle-worthy views, a modernization and investment of money in R & D, re-defense, but then it became clear that the structure of the armed forces are hopelessly outdated and worthless.

By 2006, there were 15 thousand Russian military units, and fully operational and staffed, the more modern technology was not one. Most of these thousands of pieces (sorry for tautology) existed only on paper or were only a “cadre” of the shelf.

28 August 2015

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