Washington threatened to withdraw support for Kiev

US Vice President Joe Biden, exasperated by the scale of corruption in Ukraine, made a “strict and specific” warning to President Peter Poroshenko, the head of government and Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Biden’s adviser Michael Carpenter.

Carpenter did not specify what is the essence of the “specific warning” for Ukraine, but noted that the White House is “extremely concerned” by the fact that the level of corruption in the country is not falling. If the situation does not change Washington’s continued support for Kiev will be in jeopardy, says Ukrainian edition of the “New Era”.

In addition, Biden fears that the Minsk agreement before the end of the year will be completely disrupt the elections in the DNI and LC.
It should be noted that on September 11 the US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew during a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said that Washington will continue to support Kiev.

According to Kalman Mizsei European diplomat, who headed the mission of the EU to respect human rights in Kiev, the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s Office - the root of the corrupt system of the country, because of which it can not function normally.

19 September 2015

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