12 thousand Russians got real terms for stealing less than 2.5 thousand. Rubles

Moscow. September 22. INTERFAX.RU - In the past year due to theft with insignificant damage to the criminal proceedings were brought against more than 60 thousand. Man, said on Tuesday the head of the Duma Committee for Security and Anti-Corruption Irina Spring (”United Russia”).

According to her, these thefts were unqualified, and the amount of damage ranged from 1 to 2.5 thousand. Rubles. Spring noted that 12 thousand. People from those who have been prosecuted were sentenced to real term.

“These statistics are terrifying, when a minor offense arises not only the prosecution, but also the actual terms of imprisonment,” - said the head of the committee.

She believes that this approach has negative social consequences for society and for the state. This is due to the fact that criminals, especially those who have committed petty crime for the first time, after a stay in prison actually lose the opportunity of socialization. “After the detention the person, as a rule, can not find a job, losing family ties and actually becomes a potential career criminal,” - said Spring.

According to her, today the State Duma will consider the first reading of a bill that increases from 1 thousand. Up to 5 thousand. Sum insignificant damage and allows for cases where a person is prosecuted just for unqualified crime “is not pocket theft, not robbery, not flat “. For these violations the bill proposes to involve citizens to administrative responsibility, in particular, to compulsory work, arrest or a fine of five times.

22 September 2015

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