Reducing administrative barriers: In Russia introduced new rules banning unfair competition

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a law aimed at the liberalization and improvement of antimonopoly legislation - the so-called “fourth antimonopoly package“, the press service of the Kremlin. Today this document is posted on the portal of the official publication of legal acts.

New Law establishes detention Commission competition authority about the circumstances of the case, the definition of types of evidence in the case of violation of the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation, the criteria of their relevance and admissibility. For FAS Russia secured function to review the decisions of its territorial bodies.
It cancels the norm of the possibility of recognizing dominant position of economic entity whose share in the certain commodity market less than 35%. Establishes the possibility of recognition of the cartel agreements concluded between economic entities - customers goods in the commodity market.
Law “On Protection of Competition” is supplemented by a new Chapter 2.1 “unfair competition.” In particular, the ban on unfair competition by discrediting; incorrect comparison; unfair competition related to the acquisition and use of exclusive rights to the means of individualization of a legal entity, means of individualization of goods, works or services; related to the use of intellectual property; with the creation of confusion; with illegal receipt, use, disclosure of information that constitutes commercial or other secret protected by law. In addition, it established “a ban on other forms of unfair competition.”
Most of the provisions of the 57-page law comes into force from the date of publication.
The text of the Federal Law of October 5, 2015 № 275-FZ “On Amendments to the Federal Law” On Protection of Competition “and some legislative acts of the Russian Federation” is available here.

Deystovat in good faith and without saying a word.

The document, which experts see as a liberal business should reduce administrative barriers and make the application of competition law more transparent. At the same time the right to determine the terms and conditions Companies government left behind.

6 October 2015

Court of Kiev had arrested the ex-Minister of Agrarian Policy on charges of rioting at the Parliament
Former chairman of the UN General Assembly, accused of taking bribes of $ 1.3 million.

• The court did not even think to allow or not allow the name Shoigu to "filter Petrick" »»»
The Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the motion a statement of “Hercules”.
• Putin simplified the requirements for businesses to provide certain documents »»»
MOSCOW, April 20. / TASS /. Russian President Vladimir Putin has approved amendments to the legislation aimed at reducing excessive requirements for the provision of public services.
• FAS requires criminal penalties for officials who violate the law on public contracts »»»
Federal Antimonopoly Service in favor of imposing criminal penalties for officials who violate the law on public order, said the head of department, Igor Artemyev.
• Overpaid - Back to Court (the Court may return the Russians and 15% of the "overpaid" Item) »»»
We will be able to sue the dealers up to 15 percent of the price of the goods, if the price was unreasonably high.
• Federation Council to resolve the dispute with the non-normative acts of the authorities. The Federal Chamber of Advocates see it as a mini-revolution in the fight against kvazizakonodatelstvom »»»
The Federation Council approved the federal constitutional law, which allows to challenge in court any acts of the federal bodies of state power.