Former chairman of the UN General Assembly, accused of taking bribes of $ 1.3 million.

John Ashe suspected of taking bribes from a Chinese billionaire.

US authorities accused the former chairman of the UN General Assembly John Ashe of corruption. According to the prosecutor’s office in New York, Ash took a bribe from a Chinese billionaire, reports BBC News.

Prosecutors allege that the former chairman of the General Assembly “to use the opportunity of the UN for the enrichment of” helping Chinese entrepreneurs building market to obtain contracts for the construction of a conference center in Macau.

John Ashe was accused of receiving $ 1.3 million he spent on luxury items.

The former chairman of the UN General Assembly was arrested and taken into custody. Also arrested were a diplomat from the Dominican Republic and two US citizens residing in China.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said he was shocked by the accusations John Ashe.

Prosecutor Preet Bharara (Preet Bharara) states that John Ashe used the UN as a “platform for profit.”

7 October 2015

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