Merkel’s government threatened to sue because of the refugee situation

If the problem of migrants will jeopardize the independent activities of federal lands, the Bayern reserves the right to apply to the FCC, stated in the Cabinet of Ministers of the region.

BERLIN, October 9. / Correspondent. Anton Dolgun TASS /. The government of the German federal state of Bavaria has adopted today a multimillion-dollar package of measures to integrate refugees into German society.

Now there are waiting for practical steps by the government of Angela Merkel in Berlin, and if she can not do anything with the flow of foreigners, the official Berlin will be responsible before the Federal Constitutional Court.

“If the federal government does not soon take effective steps to curb the continuing flow of refugees and applicants will thus jeopardize the independent activities of federal lands, the Bayern reserves the right to apply to the FCC,” - said the minister of Bavaria.

Half a billion euros from the budget of Bavaria

On the program will be allocated 489 million euros in the coming years. It provides for the creation of about 3.7 thousand. Jobs in law enforcement and administration, will be hired 1.7 thousand. Teachers to teach foreign children in schools and kindergartens. Until 2019 it is planned to build on the territory of Bavaria 28 thousand. Housing units.

“This program is unique in Germany,” - said Prime Minister Horst Seehofer land, which has been repeatedly criticized Merkel for its immigration policy. According to him, the current refugee problem is the most serious since the German reunification when the west of the country was faced with the need to integrate the East Germans into a new way of life for them.

In addition Cabinet demanded that all member countries of the European Union to comply with the Dublin agreement, according to which the state must protect the community’s external borders and to register refugees on their territory. Earlier Seehofer pointed out that the Chancellor, dropping visitors from Hungary, in fact, violated the agreement, since all these foreigners had to go through the registration process is there, but not in Germany.

The rift in the ruling coalition

Seehofer is also chairman of the Christian Social Union, which is in the ruling coalition stands in block with Chancellor Angela Merkel’s party - the Christian Democratic Union. He openly criticized the Chancellor, including a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. Local observers it was regarded as a clear split in the ruling bloc. But he Seehofer noted that his attitude to Merkel as the policy has not changed and it is not exactly aims to bring down its ratings.

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