British pensioner in Saudi Arabia punished 360 lashes

British pensioner, who was caught with homemade wine in Saudi Arabia can receive 360 ​​lashes. They say his relatives, such punishment would kill an old man, according to

74-year-old Carl Andre had already spent more than a year in prison from the time of arrest, the Saudi religious police. His daughter Kirsten Pirot said she did not understand why her father for so long is in prison awaiting sentence. “He’s an old man, he was 74 years old, he survived three types of cancer, he is asthmatic and gout,” - said the daughter of the prisoner.

Alcohol is illegal in Saudi Arabia, and Pirot said that her father was carrying a home-made wine in his car in August 2014, when he was stopped and arrested. She added that the retiree “has already paid for what he did in Saudi Arabia and is now scheduled to be released.”

The British Foreign Office said it will “seek the release of a British citizen, as soon as possible.” “Ministers and senior officials in contact Mr Andre with the Saudi government, and we are actively looking at ways of his release,” - said a spokesman for the British Foreign Office. Website of the Ministry explained that the punishment for possession of alcohol in Saudi Arabia “is serious.” He also warns of the “severity” of the Saudi laws against women driving, adultery, homosexuality and drug smuggling - the latter is punishable by death.

13 October 2015

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