“Almaz-Antei” will require compensation for EU sanctions and experimentation

MOSCOW, October 16. / TASS /. State Concern PVO “Almaz-Antei” include losses incurred by the EU imposed sanctions against it, as well as the cost of a study to ascertain the causes of the disaster Malaysian Boeing in Ukraine claim the cancellation of the sanctions, which are served in the General Court of the European Union in Luxembourg.

“As a result of international sanctions Concern PVO” Almaz-Antei “suffered financial losses, and has been questioned by the goodwill of the concern. We think this is reason enough to confirm the results of the field experiment theoretical calculations of our experts, designed to prove the innocence of concern to tragedy in the south-east of Ukraine “, - told” Izvestia “Group CEO Yang Novikov.

According to him, research the causes of the disaster in the sky over Ukraine group spent entirely at their own expense, including a full-scale natural experiment. The cost of the experiment was about 10 million rubles.

Novikov said that the “Almaz-Antei” will seek compensation from the EU in the proceedings in court.

“Almaz-Antei” previously filed a claim in the general court of the European Union in Luxembourg to annul the sanctions imposed against it as a manufacturer of air defense missile systems “Buk”, from which he was shot down Boeing. The world’s leading manufacturer of anti-aircraft missile systems and complexes are also required to explain the inclusion of companies in the sanctions lists.

“Our goal is clear enough and narrow: we are a company that suffered financial losses. Our goal - to prove that the sanctions imposed against us are without any reason and must be removed,” - said Novikov. With the lifting of sanctions on the group expects the resumption of deliveries to the fullest.

Safety Council of the Netherlands on October 13 presented the final report on the investigation into the disaster Boeing Malaysia July 17, 2014. The Commission concluded that the plane was shot down from the anti-aircraft missile systems “Buk”, the missile could be launched from an area of ​​320 square kilometers in the east of Ukraine. According to the compilers of the report, Boeing was destroyed 9N314M warhead that could carry a modification of missiles 9M38. The document emphasizes that Ukraine will not close the airspace over the area of ​​the fighting, though they were all grounds.

The same day, the Russian company “Almaz-Antei” natural experiments provide evidence of the findings of its own investigation catastrophe. Experts have confirmed that Boeing was fired from SAM “Buk” from the area of ​​the village Zaroschenskoe, who controlled the day of the disaster the Ukrainian military. In addition, the experts group came to the conclusion that has been used rocket older modification than previously, namely 9M38. The production of such missiles was completed in 1986. All the rockets of this type were taken out of service in Russia in 2011.

16 October 2015

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