“Real” and “Barcelona” in the center of a corruption scandal

In Spain erupted perhaps the biggest corruption scandal in history, “Transformers” is suspected of putting pressure on judges who will serve the upcoming match with “Barcelona”.

Recently, the Spanish press has published information that one of the linesmen, serving matches of the championship of Spain, wrote to the police statement in response to put pressure on him by senior members of the judiciary. The goal - to get to treat all controversial episodes in favor of the “Real” in the nearest time “El Clasico”, scheduled for November 21.

Spanish media reported that an official named Jose Angel Munoz de Morales in September called for the potential of the main referee to make decisions so as to increase the chances of Real Madrid to win. That, in turn, threw the “duty” to his assistant - allegedly because of increased media attention to his person. But the linesman involved in the scam and did not want to contact the Department for the fight against corruption …

Interests witness is an expert on sports law Hosinto Vicente Hernandez, who refused to disclose the name of your media client. According to him, it can hurt the referee in personal and professional terms, and hurt those who are directly or indirectly involved in this matter. There is a version that because of the refusal to cooperate with the football authorities arbitrator might well deprive the appointments of the most crucial matches.

Nevertheless, the lawyer revealed some details of the customer’s application, which states, in particular, about putting pressure on referees, and other meetings of the championship. If the suspicions are confirmed, the Spanish football mired in a corruption scandal never seen before, the consequences of which no one has yet taken predict.

Guide “Barcelona” has already expressed the hope that the rumors are baseless and the match will take place in a fair fight. At the same time representatives of the “Real” declined to comment on the situation that many will surely be interpreted not in favor of the Royal Club.

And the Jose Munoz, of course, denied all the allegations against him and even threatened to postpone the trial of the case in court.

- That’s just unheard of! I can not imagine where it all went, but the situation is completely in the spirit of Kafka, if not worse. I learned about the complaint for five minutes before he had received an official letter from the Spanish Football Federation and the present situation is quite vague. I will try to learn more about everything, but so far nothing anyone can not help and does not intend to discuss this topic.
Of course, it is too early to state anything with absolute certainty - the public is not much available information. It will take weeks, maybe months, and before they get some clarity. But now we can be sure that during the “El Clasico” judges are unlikely to openly support the “Real”, even if something like this was planned. The work of the arbitrators in the main match of Spain already dismantled under a microscope, and now they all will be the main participants in the meeting.

24 October 2015

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