The court issued the DIA sheet to recover from the ex-senator Pugachev 75.6 billion rubles

The Moscow Arbitration Court issued the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA) writ of forced recovery from the beneficiary of the bankrupt Mezhprombank (BCH), the ex-senator Sergey Pugachev about 75.6 billion rubles, told RIA Novosti on Friday in court.

The writ of execution issued in respect of solidarity-respondents Pugacheva - the last chairman of the BCH Illarionova Marina and two other ex-predpravleniya Alexander Didenko and Alexei Zlobin.

Moscow Arbitration in April as part of the bankruptcy case of the BCH at the request of DIA drew Pugachev and three top executives to vicarious liability. The court found the defendants guilty of committing acts that led to the bankruptcy of credit institutions, in particular - to issue obviously bad loans and the withdrawal of liquid assets.

The court decided to collect from Pugacheva 75.6 billion rubles, including about 68.5 billion rubles - in solidarity with Illarionov and about 7.2 billion rubles - in solidarity with Didenko Zlobin. This is a record in the Russian judicial practice, the size of attracting top executives to vicarious liability. Appeal and cassation upheld the definition of arbitration.

In parallel, the DIA is trying to recover from the English Court Pugacheva funds that, according to the plaintiff, have been illegally removed from the ex-senator-controlled bank. London’s High Court in July 2014 froze the assets Pugacheva worldwide 2 billion. Acts of the London Court attached to the materials of the Russian bankruptcy case BCH. Pugachev himself, according to DIA, is hiding in France. He continues to be wanted by Interpol.

In September, Pugachev has filed a lawsuit against an international tribunal of the Russian Federation 12 billion. The plaintiff said that the appeal to the court due to the violations of Russia’s obligations under bilateral investment contract with France. According to the ex-senator, from 2009, he has lost some of its assets, without receiving compensation for them. In particular, we are talking about the development project “Middle Trading Rows” on Red Square and the Yenisei Industrial Company.

30 October 2015

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