The court ordered Lebedev to pay 1 million rubles for war veteran offensive positions (by court designer must remove the entries insulted veterans of the Great Patriotic War)

The court ordered the designer Lebedev remove insulted veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the entry in “Live Journal”, which he calls the city of Brest cowards, and to pay him 1 million rubles. This decision was made today Meshchansky Court in Moscow.

Veteran Sergei Kramarenko sued Lebedev. The occasion began publishing the “Live Journal” February 6th, 2014 under the name “City-coward. Yoo-hoo” and May 9, 2014 “Hyundai hoch Hitler kaput.” According to the applicant, these publications “insulting the memory of the Great Patriotic War, its members, veterans and victims, forcing a radical change of values, which is unacceptable in a country in which the worship of veterans and victims of the Second World War is the historical duty of the state and society.”

Recorded “City coward” Lebedev questioned the architectural value of the monument to the heroes of the defenders of the Brest Fortress “Courage” in Belarus (took the second place ranking CNN - “11 ugliest monuments of the world”) and spoke about the attitude to Russia to the monuments of the Second World War in general. He is confident that there are too many of these monuments. Lebedev also noted that the review of CNN humorous and that “it is necessary to separate flies from cutlets”, “Separately - exploit people. Separate - as a monument.”

“Monuments of the Great Patriotic War one another tasteless. Square, decorated the eternal fire - the apotheosis of the Brezhnev School of Architecture and urban degradation and lack of professionalism. Stela standing in each area are terrible. Most importantly, the stele of conventional concrete *** immediately becomes sacred - it can neither move nor carry. Though in fact it is a piece of soulless opportunistic ***. But everyone is afraid to say it out loud, because “our grandfathers fought for us,” - says the author of the rights of the designer.

“Take Brest. Amazing city. Each age two or three of the war, the city is constantly disrupted and destroyed. And he lives. And so begins the second World War. 1939. Soviet Union and Nazi Germany signed an agreement on the division of Europe, according to which a piece with Brest leaves us . Do not worry - it’s us, the good red warriors peaceful Soviet citizens. The city at that time was completely Polish. ”

With the arrival of the Germans in June 1941, leaving the city residents, continuing Lebedev as “protecting” homeland “does not wish” and to protect the Brest Fortress is the Soviet Regiment.

“That’s why Brest - not the hero-city (the only one of the hero-cities) and the Fortress. This is the official name of Brest - Fortress. Because Brest - not a hero, but a coward, if you distribute evaluation” - wrote Lebedev.

Provocative post caused a stormy discussion, and 2.5 months NTV released plot “offended veteran filed a lawsuit against the designer Artemy Lebedev” a war veteran Stepan Kornauhova ………

6 November 2015

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