India is preparing a lawsuit against the Queen Elizabeth II with the requirement to return the diamond “Kohinoor”

“Kohinoor” is considered one of the most famous and most ancient of the world’s diamonds. According to legend, he was found five thousand years ago in South India in the legendary Golconda mines.

Business and artistic elite of India intends to achieve by returning one of the UK’s most famous diamonds of the world - “Kohinoor”. According to the newspaper Times of India, the initiative group is preparing a lawsuit against the British Queen Elizabeth II on the eve of the visit of Prime Minister of India in London November 12-15.

“The representatives of Indian business and the general public are going to return the national treasure - the world famous diamond” Kohinoor “- told reporters a representative of the initiative group of well-known businessman, David de Souza, head of the largest travel companies” Titos “in the southern Indian state of Goa. According to him, it is only one of the many valuable artefacts, the British exported outside India “under questionable circumstances.” “The colonialists not only robbing our people, but also destroyed its moral, creating a cruel society. The effects you can see in our country so far - it’s widespread poverty and lack of education, and numerous other certificates (former) social discrimination, “- said the businessman.

David de Souza said that participating in the “financing of the upcoming trial” and has “attracted the British lawyers to work on a claim,” which is expected to be served in the higher courts “in the near future.”

“Mountain of Light”

“Kohinoor” is considered one of the most famous and most ancient of the world’s diamonds. According to legend, he was found five thousand years ago in South India in the legendary Golconda mines. The first owner of the stone was the son of the sun-god mythical Knight Karna from the Indian epic “Mahabharata”. It is known that up to 1304 belonged to the dynasty of the Indian diamond Raja principality Mallow. He was in the treasury of Delhi as a result of wars of conquest Alaad-Din Khilji.

In 1526, India had collapsed under the onslaught of the army of the Sultan Babur. The wife of slain governor bought the winner lives of their family treasures, among which was the most luxurious stone. “Kohinoor” turban decorated son of Babur, Humayun, who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty. In the future, a jewel adorned gold Peacock Throne.

In 1739, during the reign of Shah Mohammed in India invaded the Persian warlord Nadir Shah. After securing a trophy Peacock Throne, he found the diamond and started to look for a gem that advance the Shah pulled and put in his turban. Having learned about it from the court scammers tricky conqueror during the feast Muhammad offered by custom to exchange turbans and the loser did not dare to refuse. They say that Nadir Shah gave the name of diamond, crying at the sight of him - “Kohinoor!” (pers. “Mountain of Light”).

9 November 2015

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