World Anti-Doping Agency announced RUSADA outlawed

Important news came last night from the United States, where she was to clarify the fate of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency. Finally decided: RUSADA does not meet accepted standards. Now, WADA will prepare a list of measures that we need to complete as soon as possible. At stake - the participation of Russian athletes in international competitions, including the Olympic Games in Brazil.
Two days of work for 8 hours. Literally, from dawn to dusk. But the decision of the leadership of the World Anti-Doping Agency finally adopted unanimously. All 38 members of the Board of Founders WADA voted to declare the Russian news agency “outside the law“.
“From the report of the independent commission clearly shows that RUSADA does not comply with the World Anti-Doping Agency. And we are very happy to help Russia to rectify this situation. But as they say, the ball is on the side of Russia, is now to act should it” - said the president of the World Anti-Doping Agency Craig Reedy.
This indefinite suspension, cancel it as soon as the Agency will conduct the reform. What is still to be determined. WADA have any claim to the Moscow anti-doping laboratory. Its activities have been suspended for at least six months. But both of these structures - not the state, they are under the control of the World Agency, Russia only provides them with work. And claims WADA steel for the Ministry of Sport surprise.
“Laboratory Every year brings us to re-accreditation. They are organized each year it is. Well, if the accreditation was granted, we were sure that everything is in order. Also RUSADA. That is, until now we have it was completely consistent with the Code WADA. And if so , it means that everything is in order, “- said Adviser to the Minister of Sports of Russia Natalia Zhelanova.

19 November 2015

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