Chairman of the Constitutional Court called for a review of approaches to security and the tightening of the national legal system “in the direction of military severity”

The proposal comes amid news of downed Turkish Russian bombers. Experts believe that their statements Mr. Zorkin makes it clear that the COP would not mind expanding the powers of law enforcement agencies. Head of the Presidential Council on Human Rights Mikhail Fedotov told “Kommersant” that the fight against terrorism must be eradicated the causes and conditions that lead to it, and “does not require restrictions on human rights.”

“Revisit the approach to the national security[t:tag slug=obespechenie]security of the territory, including at the legislative level,” suggested Valery Zorkin, speaking on yurforume in Moscow. “The dilemma of having to choose between freedom and security is meaningless,” - said the head of the COP. According to him, security is one of the fundamental human freedoms, so the state can “restrict other freedoms” and must “transform the legal system in the direction of military severity,” that in the present circumstances no risk “under the pretext of combating terrorism to forget about human rights.” In addition to national legislation, Mr. Zorkin called for reform of the United Nations and the rule of law, to prevent conflict between the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and “arbitrary interpretation”.

The source of terrorism, the head of the COP called Western democracies. “Devout Muslims can not fully integrate into the society, which is considered deeply immoral” and “Muslim ghetto” in their host countries have become havens for propagation of radical Islamic preachers and the recruitment of personnel for terrorist barbarism. “Expressed Valery Zorkin and address the media. He He said, “the American media and political America as a whole strengthen against the Russian information war falsified interpretations of reality.” “Political hosts media,” selectively informing or misinforming the masses, “prescribed” for national and international public opinion right or wrong, the aggressors and the victims of ” said the head of the COP. Danger Valery Zorkin saw as “in press releases of a number of human rights organizations such as” Amnesty International “and” Freedom House “and some of the decisions of the Strasbourg Court: they are, in his words, according to the permissible freedom of expression,” even when it discredit and insult others of people”.

25 November 2015

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