Members appealed in the court lock lifetime

“Roskomsvoboda” challenged “a lifelong lock” the applicant, according to the text of the claim, it has become one of user torrent tracker. It will at least delay the ban for several months.

Collective protest

The lawyers of the NGO “Roskomsvoboda” December 7 filed an appeal against the decision of the Moscow City Court on lifelong blocking most popular torrent tracker Runet, told RBC lawyer “Roskomsvobody” Sargis Darbinyan. He explained that while the court was filed “short version” of the appeal on behalf of one of the users of the resource, and within a week will be filed another complaint on behalf of authors, whose rights to dissemination will be restricted when a lifelong lock the site into effect.

Within a month, to the appellate complaints can join other users, who have expressed a desire to fight with blocking on a specially launched “Roskomsvobodoy” portal, Darbinyan said. According to him, the desire to join the complaint said already “more than a hundred users.”

“Roskomsvoboda” appeal against the first decision of a lifetime blocking popular torrent tracker, which the Moscow City Court on the suit of the publishing house “Eksmo” 9 November (in early December, the court issued a second decision about the eternal blocking on a joint lawsuit “Eksmo” and Russian “daughter” Warner Music Russia CJSC “SBA Production.” - RBC).

Filing a complaint and its consideration by the court to help at least a two-month delay “Eternal Ban”, which otherwise should have been blocked by December 9 (a month after the judgment).

The press service of the Moscow City Court on the eve of RBC reported that have not yet received an application. Receive comments from representatives of the failed.

What’s advocate

The authors of the complaint (there RBC) insist that restricting access to permanently fixed violates the Russian Constitution and the law “On information, information technologies and information protection” right of Russian citizens to the freedom of research, the dissemination of information in all its forms and its obtain from any source if it is not contrary to Russian law.

According Darbinyan, the rate of anti-piracy law that came into force on 1 May this year, does not meet the “principle of proportionality responsibility, when access to the entire site is blocked in order to protect only one right holder.” Lawyers’ Roskomsvobody “insist that when deciding the Moscow City Court took into account only the particular cases of violation of the exclusive rights of a person under the claim of” Eksmo “and thus did not consider the legality of the rest of the content that is distributed legally.

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