Deutsche Welle: the US and Europe should stop “ceremony” with Ukraine - the Donbas conflict can no longer serve as an excuse for its lack of reform

US Vice President Joe Biden, speaking before the parliament in Kiev, has made it clear, as far as Washington is dissatisfied with the current policy of the Ukrainian authorities, says Deutsche Welle.

“US Vice President Joe Biden during his visit to Ukraine, on the one hand, to show solidarity, on the other hand, I found a strong word to express criticism. As in Europe, the United States is growing discontent with the government in Kiev”, - the journalist Bernd Johann publication.

Specifically, Biden urged Kiev “to eradicate the cancer of corruption” in the country and urged the responsible parliamentary deputies that block implementation of certain reforms in the country.

This was also discussed at the meeting of the Association of Ukraine and the EU in Brussels. On the one hand, the Europeans Ukraine demonstrated its future prospects in the European Union. However, in terms of Johan, the promises made by Europeans Ukraine - it is only “advance praise”: Kiev does not fulfill the requirements of the West and too slow implementing a program of reforms.

In particular, Deutsche Welle journalist noted that neither the Ukrainian government, neither the president nor parliament and failed to take real measures to combat corruption in the country. Ukraine, according to him, still in the grip of the oligarchs. A country much-needed judicial reform is still in its infancy, said the journalist.

9 December 2015

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US Vice President Joe Biden, exasperated by the scale of corruption in Ukraine.
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The authorities in Kiev have already lost a significant part of the confidence in the country and abroad.
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The Budget Committee of the European Parliament will send a group of deputies of Ukraine to monitor the use of allocated EU funds the country.
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"It is necessary to carry out reforms, not for profit, but for the sake of citizens," - said Jean-Claude Juncker.
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The President also noted that the country has made progress in the system of public procurement, but theft and corruption continue.