The court sentenced the owner of the Yalta zoo “Fairy Tale” to 3 years probation for a year

Belogorsky district court found director of the Yalta zoo “Fairy Tale” Oleg Zubkov guilty of beating his subordinates and sentenced him to three years’ imprisonment with a probation period of one year.
As the correspondent Kryminforma from the courtroom, judgment is made in almost an hour.
The court also kept Zubkov preventive measure as a subscription on their own recognizance pending the entry into force of the sentence or appeal. Zubkov himself may appeal the verdict to the Supreme Court of the Crimea for 10 days.
In passing sentence with probation court took into account the personal characteristics of a good director of the Yalta zoo. The court did not take into account evidence provided by Oleg Zubkov record with cameras, since it was installed, and most records were improperly billed time.
December 7 Attorney Crimea Natalia Poklonskaya reported that against the director of the Yalta zoo “Fairy Tale” and the park lions “taigan” Oleg Zubkov criminal case according to claim. “G” h. 2 tablespoons. 117 of the Criminal Code. The incident with the beating zoo employee occurred in the autumn of 2015. The criminal case considered by the Court Belogorsk district of Crimea. Prosecutor oriented the court of imprisonment.
The fact of beating of the director of the zoo “Fairy Tale” Zubkov his subordinates, according Poklonsky, was far from unique.
Later, at the disposal of Kryminforma appeared audio conversation human voice Oleg Zubkov, according to which Zubkov was ready to pay 100 thousand rubles to the victim by beating him, while not expecting to end the criminal case.
In addition, the Investigative Committee of Russia in Kazakhstan is investigating criminal charges of bodily harm a child in the park lions “taigan” as a result of which he lost a toe that threatens the director Oleg Zubkov park another term of imprisonment.

11 December 2015

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