Germany did not bring charges against the young people who organized Sharia patrols. What’s next? Shariah justice?

The court of the German city of Wuppertal refused to bring charges against members of the so-called Sharia patrols, pointing out that the appearance of the streets in jackets with the words “Sharia Police” punishable.

As recalled by Die Welt, in the past year, several young Muslims, dressed in orange vests, marched through the streets of Wuppertal. They demanded from the entertainment of visitors to give up alcohol, stop listening to music and play games of chance. Their action caused outrage across the country, share photos and videos were widely circulated on the Internet. Preliminary charges were brought against nine, “police officer” in age from 24 to 34 years.

As a result, the punishment could face the only organizer of the patrol, as he did not care about the proper way of demonstration. It is a Salafi preacher Sven Lau. Wuppertal prosecutor intends to appeal the decision, according to Focus.

The German press, commenting on the decision of the court, recalled the ban on the wearing of military and paramilitary form, which operated in Nazi Germany and sometimes in the Weimar Republic.

It is worth noting that the Central Council of Muslims condemned the actions of the German Wuppertal activists.

12 December 2015

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