Putin signed a law to freeze the funded part of pensions

Due to the freezing of pension savings in 2016. The government plans to receive 342.2 billion rubles. The authorities noted that the implementation of the law will not reduce the amount of pension rights of Russians.

MOSCOW, December 15 - RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on freezing the government funded part of pensions of Russians in 2016. A document posted on the official web portal of legal information Tuesday.

The Russian government previously introduced a moratorium on the formation of the funded part of pensions in 2014-2015: 6% of the wages of Russians who have come to the funded part, went into distribution.

In 2016, premiums again in full go to the Pension Fund on the formation of insurance pensions. Due to the frozen pension savings authorities are planning to get 342.2 billion rubles, which will reduce the amount of this transfer for compulsory pension insurance from the federal budget.

Legislators have previously noted that the implementation of the law will not reduce the amount of pension rights of Russians. Insurance premiums will be reflected in the individual account and considered when determining individual pension coefficient for 2016.

15 December 2015

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