The Danish parliament will consider a law allowing authorities to confiscate valuables migrants

The Danish parliament will consider a law that will allow authorities to confiscate valuables from migrants entering the country, according to The Washington Post.

The publication notes that the bill is likely to be adopted

As explained by the expert from the University of Copenhagen dealing with migrants, the proposed law will permit the Danish authorities to search the visitors who want to get refugee status in the country, for the presence of money and valuables, which would cover the cost of maintaining them.

In addition, the law will also affect workers who are already in Denmark.

The police can confiscate valuables and large sums of money, but visitors will leave things “necessary to maintain a decent standard of living, such as a watch or cell phones.” Migrants also leave personal items that have sentimental value for them. But only if the authorities did not consider them too expensive.

The expert notes that even the Danish officials have different understandings of the essence of the bill. Since the Minister of Justice explained that the law will affect workers who, for example, will come to the country with a suitcase full of diamonds and want to become refugees. At the same time advocating for these changes Danish People’s Party say that and much lower cost items can be confiscated.

18 December 2015

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